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What You Get In Your Express Audit


The Credilife® Express Audit™ will evaluate your current credit status.


The Credilife® Express Audit™ will help you identify the accounts that are causing a negative impact.


The Credilife® Express Audit™ will also identify what opportunities are available to maximize your Credit Score point potential.

What Others Have Said

Kelsey Gibson

"My experience with this company has been amazing. I started back in May with no clue how to get my score up. The education I received in budgeting, Credit utilization, and more has been such a help. I feel like the coaches all work together to help you achieve your goals and they are highly accessible if needed. Overall, I've recommended this company to my friends and family and they are the only "credit repair" place I'll ever endorse. Thanks guys!"

Abraham Traore

"I’m so grateful to Credit Life for showing me all the tricks and tips of credit education!Started 8 months ago with high 500 score with a derogatory account. Now my score is 750 with the derogatory account definitely removed and the opening of revolving and installment accounts! I’m ready for a new car and will be soon ready for a mortgage! Thank you very much Credit Life."

Patrick Dume

**READ THIS** If you're tired of not knowing where you stand credit-wise and financially, then you'll definitely want to contact this company. 6 months ago, I thought I was in a situation that could only be repaired with time. After scheduling a consultation, I immediately knew I would soon be in a position to overcome all my past mistakes.

Not only have I achieved a better credit profile, I have been supplied with a wealth of information that undoubtedly will help in shaping my family's financial security. Do NOT look any further. Do NOT hesitate. You owe it to yourself to get from under that burden you've been carrying. 

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